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Mod. Lapis

elegant italian shotgun Our ultra light game gun which is specially balanced for upland hunting.
The ideal woodcock gun

A Hammerless side-by-side shotgun fitted with extremely light special chrome-moly-nickel barrels which allow for a finished weight of 2.75 - 2.8 Kg with 65 cm barrels. St.Etienne-type rib, perfect wood to metal fit, standard or upgraded wood, single or double trigger. This side-by-side shotgun like any other Poli shotgun is entirely custom-made. Available in caliber 12,20 and 28.

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shotgun best qualityitalian shotgun handmade

Mod. Sapphire

shotgun Flli poli Where the elegance of a round action body meets the balance and the light weight of the model Upland.

Fratelli Poli are proud of introducing their new model Sapphire, an hammerless side by side shotgun built using only the best possible materials. The barrels, for instance, are in Ni-Cr-Mo steel which is extremely strong but also very elastic and, therefore, absolutely ideal to build shotgun barrels. The Sapphire is a light and well balanced as the Upland Model, but it also features a beautifully shaped round action body that comes from a solid bar of steel and a long tang that enhance its line and excellent handling characteristics. The side by side in 20ga with 65-cm barrels weights 2.4-2.5 Kg max. The guns come in 12ga, 20ga and 28ga, with St Etienne ribs and stocks in extra select Turkish walnut. Like every other Fratelli Poli shotgun, tha Sapphire can be entirely built as per customers' specifications.

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Mod. Ametist

The definition of "Italian best gun" the royal sidelock ejector

The best quality sidelock ejector shotgun featuring hand fitted Holland & Holland style locks. Each gun is built to owner's desires and specifications. Best quality demiblock barrels, single or double trigger and hand fitted select Turkish walnut stocks finished in "Tru Oil" with fine hand checkering (0.8). The Ametist is built for a few discriminating customers each year and is the epitome of the Italian best gun. It exhibits perfection in wood to metal fit and the elegant lockplates provide the canvas for the best Italian engraving. The Ametist comes in 12ga, 16ga, 20ga, 28ga, and 410 built by reservation only.

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